2020-2021 Season | New selection

A new selection for Marielle in the French Skicross team!

The French Ski Federation has officialized the national teams for the 2020-2021 season.

The crucial competition of the winter will be […]

A different off season

With the lockdown and this peculiar context, Marielle had to adapt her schedule like everybody else.
What is on the agenda? Some home physical training but also studies thanks to […]

End of the season

The last World Cup has been cancelled.
Marielle ends the season at the 4th rank.

She claimed her first world Cup victory in Innichen (Italy) at the beginning of the season. […]

World Cup victory

First world cup victory for Marielle in Italy on the December  21st.







©Laurent Salino / Agence Zoom




Press day

Traditional press day in Paris for Marielle and the French skicross team.

After that Marielle went back in Switzerland to train on glaciers.

Back on skis

Marielle is back at school and also on skis after more than 2 months of physical training.




Ski camp are gonna be on the glaciers for next months.
Marielle trains in […]

Season over !

The ski season is over, however Marielle just started skiing again. After her back injury during the Val Thorens World Cup beginning of January,  Marielle had to remain immobilized […]

Last news !

After six weeks of forced resting with corset,  Marielle is going to the re-education center terms of Capbreton in Southeast France to recover and get all the chiropractor care […]

Video of the season 2013/2014


New success with Alpina

When she was 14 years old, Marielle won the overall ranking of the regional championships and was awarded one year of Alpina pastas.
Ten years later, Alpina becomes Marielle’s sponsor, […]